NW Regional Elections: Boyo laughs last

Jude Nsom Waindim, Questor

The first statutory session of the Regional council held Tuesday, 22nd December 2020 in Bamenda with agenda to set up the Executive Bureau as well commissions to pilot the affairs the house did not end without drama

At the presentation of the list of the Regional Executive council, councillors were taken aback that Boyo Division was not represented on the list

Agitations grew higher in the regional house with a motion moved by councillor Jude Waindim who asked whether it is fair for Boyo not to be represented in the bureau

In response, Paul Tasong, Delegate of the CPDM central committee with permission from the session chair, Fon Angwafor III, moved outside to discuss and mend the crack

About an hour later, a new list was presented with Boyo Division included. Jude Nsom Waindim, former SG of the Bamenda City council was nominated Questor

Cross section of Regional Councillors

The activities of the region will be piloted by Prof Fru Angwafor III, former SG of the Ministry of Public Health and current Director of the Gynaco obstetrics and pediatrics hospital in Yaounde

He will be assisted Fon Yakum Kevin of Bambalang, graduate from ENAM

Ghejung Awunti was elected Commissioner for Economic Development, Dr Mrs Sakah Lydia as commissioner for Health and Social Development, Dr Mrs Anjoh Fru Manyi Rose as Commissioner for Education, Sports and cultural development

Kalak Flavius Boteh and Fon Bagmbi III of Agent were elected as Secretaries with Jude Nsom Waindim as Questor

The 70 councillors and 20 Fons voted 100% to put the Fru Angwafor led team into office


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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