Master plan for Electricity Generation and Transmission launched in Bamenda

For a couple of months in the North West region of Cameroon, electricity supply has been very unstable. In most cases, electricity has been rationed in the North West for months

With such fluctuations and low voltage that accompany's the supply, some institutions, businesses and activities have come to a standstill. Many appliances have been destroyed by the fluctuating voltage. This has caused others to seek for alternative sources of energy in order to earn a living. 

In order to restore constant supply of electricity in the North West region, a Master Plan for the Generation, Transmission and Distribution of Electricity in the North West region has been launched. The launching was done Tuesday December 29, 2020, at MINEPAT Hall. 

The first phase of the plan is slated to run from December 29, 2020 to March 15, 2021. 

The first three months of the plan is aimed at visiting every household, collecting data for an effective generation, transmittion and distribution of electricity in the region. In this light, the Regional Director of MINEE North West has called on all in the region to be collaborative since the plan cuts across all 

"We have done the launching and we are going to gather the data and once we gather the data, we are sure that we are going to succeed regardless of the prevailing insecurity situation that we are witnessing we are going to have our energy supply improved upon. Even as we collect the data, I want to assure you that the public corporations in charge of transmitting energy, SONATREL and the distribution company, ENEO, are going to carry out systematic works to replace various elements hampering the smooth distribution of electricity. So I call on all to support this exercise. "  Azanga Nkeng John, Regional Delegate of Water and Energy told the stakeholders

North West Regional Delegate of Water and Energy

The Regional Delegate of ENEO clearly explained the reason for the power failures and the cosmetic solutions put in place 

"On February 1, 2020 the high voltage transformer that is in our sub station here 36,MBS got bad and up till now the measures we are using now are just temporary measure while waiting for the permanent solution and the permanent solution is to replace that transformer. So this temporal measure we are using is injecting the 30kilo volt energy from Bafoussam passing through the next volt mile and when it comes to the North West the voltage is not enough to supply the whole of the North West region that's why at times we bring in the thermal plant that we have there"

Session chaired by North West Regional SG

The launching attended by authorities of the region, not leaving out traditional rulers, have inspired many to be awaken and pledged their support towards the project. 

"I want to say here that we are going to do all to see this project succesful. We are going to mobiloze all quater heads for sensitization so that the message will go through" Fon Azefor of Nkwen assures the Observer. 

Fon Azefor, Fon of Nkwen

With such a project at hand, one is tempted to say come the months ahead, the problem will be solved. But all hope is to see a positive outcome to enable people return to their activities as usual. 

The greatest difficulty faced by the generating company SONATREL is insecurity and bad roads to transport the newly purchased transmitter to the region


Anye Nde Nsoh

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