Historic: SDF Partakes in Regional Elections

Councillors voting. An illustrative picture on voting day

Councillors of the social democratic Front have taken part at the first ever Regional council elections

The SDF councillors of Bamenda III, the lone SDF controlled council in the North West actively voted at the December 6 polls

SDF Mayor for Bamenda III, Fongu Cletus and his assistant came out to vote alongside other councillors. Approach by Journalists, he refuse to comment.

The councillors, 31 of them, arrived the former public works department at about 10am

Though they refused to talk to the press, their facial expressions was telling of a satisfied process

Though the SDF party is not taking part in the elections, the councillors decided to perform their civic duties

The December 6, 2020 elections will Institute the Regional council with 70 members and the house of chiefs with 20 members

It will also accord to the North West and South West Regions, the special status

The CPDM is running unopposed in elections in the North West for the first time since the rebirth of multiparty politics in 1990

Polls according to the electoral code, will close at 6PM


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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