Fundong boycotts Ghost town

Fundong this afternoon

The Municipality of Fundong in Boyo Division has boycotted calls for ghost towns in view of the first ever Regional  Elections on December 6, 2020

Calls for towns across the North West and South West Regions by Separatists leaders abroad fell on deaf ears in Fundong as activities have gone on unperturbed

The Municipality has witnessed a rapid change timid nature of activities. From a scanty town some months back, to a town full of it's people

Life is growing stronger in the municipality, looking at the turnout in school attendance and business activities.

Farmers, business persons and city dwellers have turnout in their numbers in markets, saying No to ghost towns that has paralyzed Economic activities for almost four years now.

During the past years, fear, tension, kidnappings and killings characterised the area but due to encouragements from local leaders and the presence of security elements, they have denounced the ghost towns. 

"Fundong now is not the Fundong before. We used to stay in hiddings and fear, but now we can even manage and do business, go to the farms and our children are confident going to school" Chia Robert, a business man told the Observer 

The supposed ghost towns is expected to run from Friday 4th to Monday 7th  December. This has been highly criticised as previous ghost towns did not change anything on the ground. The population has criticised this particular ghost town whose end result is already known.

Inspite of the difficulties encountered, Mayor Awoh Ndang plans to rejuvenate the municipality and maintain its status quo going forward

Fundong is one of the subdivisions that make up Boyo division and is the capital of Boyo. It constitutes Belo, Bum, Fundong and Njinikom. Boyo is a part of the North West Region that covers a surface area of about 1,592 kilometers square. 

By The Observer

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