Bamenda II Mayor 'spoils' hundreds with Christmas Gifts

Mayor Chenwi hands support to women

It is generally known that the period of christmas is for merry making and exchange of gifts. Families come together from far and near to have a common meal and thank God for the year just ending

In fellowship with over 300 internally displaced persons living in the Bamenda II Municipality and some persons living with disabilities, the Mayor of Bamenda II Council, Chenwi Peter came to their aid

Tablets of soap, bags of rice, Tap buckets, Chlorine, hand sanitizers were distributed to the beneficiaries

"No IDP living in Bamenda II will ever go hungry as long as this council exist" Mayor Chenwi told the beneficiaries

The Mayor revealed that taking this step at this time is because of more than 300 letters at his desk asking for assistance. 

"We cannot abandon those who have been displaced because it is not by their making. So we thought it wise to bring everybody so that they feel at home"

Accompanying the Mayor, the Divisional officer for Bamenda II, Nicholas Nkongho Mancha, challenged the population to shun fear and go about their activities unperturbed on Mondays. He noted that business activities can resume across the city if the population wants it so

The beneficiaries thanked the Mayor for always thinking about them. First was school going materials and now Christmas gifts

"I want to sincerely thank the Mayor for this gesture. It will reduce the burden of preparing for Christmas" Manka Solange told the Observer

The donation of food items to IDPs, Monday 21st December 2020 adds to previous donations at the Bamenda DDR canter as well as the didactic materials to school going kids few months ago

As the council closes the year 2020, the Mayor has inaugurated a stand tap constructed by the council at Ntamulung quarters


Sergio Musi

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