As Decentralisation closes in, Bafut council settles on intensive feasibility studies, sets objective 2021 budget

Councillors in session

The Mayor of Bafut council, Ngwakongoh Lawrence has presented the economic program of the council for the 2021 Financial year

Presenting the budget of the council which stands 749.8 million, the Mayor promised councillors that he will embark on an intensive feasibility studies and environmental impact projects in 2021 with the construction of 3 water catchment, extending electricity to two villages, construct and rehabilitation of roads, bridges and the opening of green space

"As materials for decentralisation are coming, that is the 15% of the state budget to be devolve to descentralised collectivities, we should just start the implementation of these projects. We also carry out intensive feasibility studies so as not to embark on projects that are not yet mature" Ngwakongoh told the Observer

The 2021 budget will witness an increase of 230.5 million from the 2020 budget. 55.5 percent of the budget will go for recurrent expenditure while 44.5 percent will be the investment budget

Ngwakongoh Lawrence, Mayor of Bafut

The council has budgeted from 17 projects to be carried out in 2021. 10 from the public investment budget and 7 from the council purse

The council plans to build two classrooms at GS Ntangoh and also supply 60 benches to the said school

Rehabilitate the road from Ntabuwe to Achere, equip the Mundum II integrated health centre while the Akossia and Mbakong health centres will be constructed

The council also envisages to construct a bridge at Mankaha. Opening of farm to market roads and assistance to vulnerable persons and IDPs will constitute the activities of the council

The Mayor used the session to call on all and sundry to support council to achieve long lasting peace

"We expect the population of Bafut to join us first to preach about peace and unity in Bafut subdivision. Secondly, we wish to call on the development association Presidents to collaborate with us at the level of the council. I equally wish to plead to our political opponents that we took power from to equally collaborate with us"

Councillors used the budgetary session to take a firm commitment that they will massively participate at the December 6, pioneer Regional Elections


Nnam Vanessa

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