Schools resume in Bafut at last! Council, Elite support students

Items handed to Bafut school going children

Education, being the main cry of the people of the two English speaking regions of Cameroon following the anglophone crisis which started in 2016 with school boycott and has seen children stay out of school for four years is being reversed. 

Both Students and parents have braved the odds to gain education despite  the ongoing socio political unrest in Bafut subdivision.

School bags

To support this initiative of back to school, the Bafut council and elite of Bafut have supported school going children with didactic materials. This, to faciliitate their learning process and to ease the stress of parents sending their children to school.

Ngwakongoh Lawrence, Mayor to the Bafut council, congratulated the fact that schools have resumed and urged others who are at home to join the back to school caravan.

"I want to say today is a very happy day in my life to see that the Bafut community have come to receive these back to school gifts that we have brought. This shows that you all want to go to school"

"Even if the schools are not functioning at 100% at least 70% of the schools have open their doors so we are still using this medium to plead with the Elite of Bafut to join us so that we can continue sending this back to school message. Education is the only commodity that a parent can give to a child so lets all not relent our efforts of educating our children cause when you educate a child you are enriching the family" the Mayor stated

The handing over ceremony was done at the Bafut market square Friday October 30, 2020.

Ngwakongoh Lawrence, Mayor of Bafut

Mayor Ngwakongoh then cautioned the villagers who are refusing children. He says the future of the Bafut child will be bleak

" Those refusing that schools should not go should also understand that they are saying this because there are educated if there were not educated they won’t have known how to construct a single sentence so it will not be good even in the eyes of God to see that they are prohibiting their own children and Junoir ones from going to school. if this continues, it shows that Bafut has no future"

In the presence of notables, School bags were handed to the children which contain, exercise books, pens, pencils, facemask, eraser, rulers and all other school materials. Parents were given soap, buckets, salt and some food items to in turn provide food for the school going children. 

Scholarships were awarded to children who were outstanding during FSLC and Common Entrance examination, a promise made by the Mayor at the start of the exams

Reacting to the gift, a mother told The Observer;

"We are happy with these items given to us. I for one I was thinking of how I will send my child to school. The little I had gathered will now be used for other necessities. My child has been home for too long a time and I was rather feeling guilty."

The gifts were donated by the Elite and the Bafut council, following the massive turn out of students in schools. Bafut has been one of the areas strongly affected by the crisis, school boycott due to separatist activities and have suffered a lot of damages


Anye Nde Nsoh

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