OWED Celebrates one year anniversary with the old.


Four years counting, survival of the fittest has been the lifestyle of some persons in the English Speaking regions of the country. Hardship, illnesses, home alone and idleness, is what has characterised the lifestyle of the old. 

Non Governmental Organisations have surfaced, providing necessary aid to Internally displaced persons who have been affected by the crisis but the very old ones have more often been forgetten. 

OWED (Organisation for Women's Empowerment and Development), While celebrating their first anniversary have visited and assisted some very old and vulnerable women in the Bamenda II municipality. These mothers receive Rice, cooking oil and soap that will help them feed as they stay home all through.

The door to door movement was carried out by the CEO Mrs Ndzerem Mildred, Legal personnel, the project coordinator and the secretary Saturday October 31st, 2020. 

A total of 150  old women were targetted from Bamenda I, II, and III Municipalities. 

"We chose old women because most at times when sharing items to internally displaced persons, the old are the most neglected and often forgotten. Secondly, the old are always at home and do not have the means to go to the various centers to collect the items distributed. That is why we had to go to their homes directly to meet them one on one. These old woman sitting at home needs food to be strong. Basically they will need food to eat, and will also need to wash their cloths and other things that is is why we chose to give them food items and soap." Mr  Che Napolean, legal adviser explained

Mrs Ndzerem Mildred, CEO of the one year old baby OWED says the organization will continue with her humanitarian services 

"Our plans for these women is to continue to provide them with these food items, blankets and dresses to keep them warm and other things. We will also help them in their hygiene situation. Subsequently, we will mobilize ourselves go and clean their houses. We have many things in stock for these women and as time goes on it will be carried out."

Reacting after receiving these gifts, some of the women narrated their ordeal 

"We want to say thanks to God for these items. It's been four years now that we have not left the compound due to our health caused by accidents and illnesses and no one to actually carter for us well. There are times that we fine it difficult eating, but we are happy having these things. Since we are always left home we can easily cook our food and eat." One of the mothers reacted with tears of joy

One has been on oxygen for four months and can not get up. Others are blind and can barely move. Generally movement is a hindering factor for these parents thus home becomes the best alternative. 

Some have occupied themselves with petit trades like selling of firewood while others weave baskets to earn a living. 

OWED is a young organization which stands for Organization for Women Empowerment and Development. The idea of the organization was conceived on the 14th of October 2019 and went into effect on October 17, 2019. It has as main objective to work  with women and girls to improve the status of Cameroon women and girls. It also fights against Gender Based Violence, Menstrual hygiene management and offers vocational trainings. 


Anye Nde Nsoh

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