Bamenda City council to construct a modern shopping hub in 2021

Mayor Paul Achobong chairing budgetary session

City councillors of the Bamenda City council have voted a deliberation to authorize the city Mayor of the Bamenda City council to construct a modern shopping centre in Bamenda

The commercial hub which will be constructed along the food market, will see the council clear the temporal structures currently at the open space of the market to construct this shopping center

The decision was arrived at the 2020 budgetary session of the Bamenda city council, Friday 27th November 2020 with funds to come from an annex budget, Bamenda City Mayor, Paul Achobong explains

"The council was wrongfully taxed and paid a whopping 500 million into the treasury for a law that was recently passed. Instead of applying it going forward, it was applied going backwards. We are asking the taxation authorities to reimburse the city council. When this is done, we will incorporate it into our annex budget and construct the shopping hub"

The 2021 forecast stands at 4.6 billion with a relative increase of 150 million from the 2020 budget

First harvest of tomatoes handed to MIDENO GM

The council is setting up a tomatoes processing plant to begin processing and marketing tomatoes in 2021. 

Farmed along the slopes of the council yard, the first tomatoes fruits were presented to councillors as the council hopes to increase it's revenue generation while creating jobs

On the construction of roads, the Mayor presented a plethora of roads to constructed and rehabilitated in the three subdivisions that make up Bamenda with emphasis that a five kilometre road will be constructed with the urban city centre

The very poor road network in Bamenda has seen some reconstruction works ongoing from welcome to Bamenda which will end at Ngeng Junction. Maintenance works are ongoing on the Bamenda-Bambili stretch

A detail plan of action for the city of Bamenda was presented a week ago at the budgetary orientation debate of the council with possibilities for an increment in electricity and water penetration of the city

The city council will also continue running the bus shuttles for the first quarter of 2021. The shuttles were bought to facilitate the movement of persons when bikes were restricted in September. The buses have been transporting persons for free

Mayor Paul Achobong has promised to transform Bamenda in 2021 to the likes of other cities around the globe

To ensure this, the city Mayor hopes to put a definite end to ghost town activities that keeps people at home, business places remain close for nothing less than 52 days in a year, keeping aside impromptu ghost towns that last for days

"On January 10, we will discuss with traders to see how to stamp this evil out. I have met with their leaders already. We will look for a better way to walk out of this"

With effective decentralisation in view from 2021, the council will modify it's organisational structure while recruiting more qualified staff


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