Wum community prepared against COVID-19

COVID-19, a pandemic which has left the world on its knees nowadays, is seriously being  prevented in Wum community, capital city of Mechum Division of the North West region of Cameroon. 

This was done through a program organized by Rural Doctors from September 21st to October 26th, 2020, training community health personels on how to prevent the virus and to sensitive the population. About 8000 people in the community have been sensitized on how to prevent this virus in Wum-Zhoa, Weh, Bu, Upkwa, Zongofor, kesu, Mbi-bu, Mbijam, Ngangeh and Ko-oh areas. 

Tebe Rogeson, Rural Doctor Coordination attested the success of the program though with some difficulties particularly the notion of non-existence. 

"We had difficulties accessing some homes because of religious differences. Some Muslim women could not talk to us in the absence of their husband. People refused to losten becaiee they are scared we represent the government, so they fear for their lives since we are in a crisis area. In addition to that, poor network, bad roads and insecurity in some communities could not permit us to sensitize some areas."

The sensitization was done from one home to another to ensure that the message reaches the ground.  

Schools were not left out considering the population which are attending classes, the sensitisation was timely. 

Health workers at the district hospital remain the only source of information for the people of Wum with the poor internet system.  

Many in the area have refused to accept that COVID-19 is a reality as such, little or no measures are respected in preventing it's spread  

Facemask, soaps, and hand wash buckets were provided to various areas visited to continue the awareness process.

Rural doctors is a non-governmental organization aimed at providing lifesaving services health care to vulnerable persons during crisis and endeavour to help persons in rural areas stay healthy


Anye Nde Nsoh

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