Tubah council sends forth 100 holiday makers, bars delinquency

Students at the end of their stay with the council

The Mayor of Tubah, Tanjong Martin has called on holiday makers who spend some 30 days with the council to shun the consumption of hard drugs and gambling

The Mayor was speaking Wednesday 14th October 2020 as he saw off the students with a strong resolve to ensure that schools go unperturbed in Tubah

"Those who think they can block your education are those who don't want to see your progress" Mayor Tanjong told the students

"We have problems but illiteracy is not the way out. If we made errors in the past, Education will help us correct the errors today"

Mayor Tanjong assured the students that the population intake in schools around Tubah has seen an unprecedented rise

Legendary CCAST Bambili had at least 950 students in class as at the time of this report

Mayor Tanjong

The students had as task to clean the drainage system of some major roads around the Municipality, clear bushes and dispose of waste

The students also implanted the smart city project which saw trees being replaced by grass. This is a greenery that will serve as a recreational centre in the Municipality

Drug consumption is on the rise in the Municipality. Mayor Tanjong was categoric

"Avoid drugs. Tramadol, Marijuana and Excessive consumption of alcohol. You can be an educated man and a failure in future based on drugs"

The young persons saluted the Mayor for recruiting them to work in the council in this difficult moment. Melvis, a form five student of CCAST was satisfied

"I wish to thank the Mayor for this opportunity he gave us to serve the council. The job was not easy but tried our best. I'm particularly happy with the word of caution against drugs. With what the council is giving me, I'm starting school tomorrow"

Area set aside for the greenery

Each student backed home 25000 Frs for the one month spent


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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