Operation Chacal: "General Ayeke killed, Amba stronghold dangles

Amba Major General Ayeke killed in military fatigue

The death has been confirmed of a dreaded Amba general known as Ayeke AKA King of the Forest in Lebialem Division, South West Region of Cameroon

He was killed breaking Tuesday October 13th, 2020  precisely in Besali, Wabane subdivision

The operation code name "operation Chacal" was aimed at restoring some degree of normalcy in Lebialem, an Ambazonia stronghold since the Anglophone crisis degenerated into an armed struggle in 2017

Videos of "general Ayeke" commanding troops in a purported October 1 celebrations of the independence of Southern Cameroons surfaced online 

A day before his demise, he sent a voice note to the Divisional officer of Alou welcoming the elements of the Rapid Intervention Battalion, BIR

Some items recovered from the operation

He promised to render the BIR soldiers helpless in their mission. In the voice note, Ayeke noted that he was out of the subdivision

Seen as a way to derail the soldiers, the elements of the BIR raided a terrorist camp called "Gorillas fighters" where Ayeke was neutralised

From a balance sheet presented in Kumba, the Commander of the operation, Colonel Maidong Desire noted that kalashnikov weapons were retrieved, boots, military fatigue, locally made explosives and guns, marijuana and odeshi

The death that has been widely celebrated in and out of Lebialem adds to a greater number of leaders of the Ambazonian revolution who have died in the fight

General Mad Dog, a known terrorist was killed in Bamenda about a month ago in an operation dubbed "Bamenda Clean"

Cocoa growers have taken to social media to praise God for his demise as they used to pay a whopping 500,000 Frs per season to the General before doing business in the area

Ayeke is a former apologist of Field Marshall, another Amba general lodged in Lebialem before breaking away to create his own group

His corpse was presented in Kumba before Administrative and security officials

Another Amba boy was this afternoon killed in Musang, in Bamenda II subdivision with odeshi- a traditional charm believe to prevent bullets from penetrating humans on his waist


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