Hon Nestus Fru Manju visits schools, promises scholarship

Hon Nestus Fru Manju hands didactic materials to principal at GBHS Down Town

The Member of Parliament for Mezam Centre constituency, Hon Nestus Fru Manju has toured some schools in Bamenda centre to ascertain the level of effectiveness

His visit took him to GBHS Bamendakwe, Ecole de Champion, GBHS Down Town were he supported the institutions with books, pencils, rulers, math sets and other didactic materials destined to internally displaced persons

MP Encouraging form five students

In a message to the students the MP called on them to report any cases of threats to Administrative and security officers

"Report any cases of harassment if you come across one. Teachers have brave the odds to come here and teach you because they know the importance. What Cameroon will become tomorrow depends on you. So I urge you to encourage your brothers and sisters to join you." The MP passed this message at every stop

He used his first ever encounter with the students of GBHS Down Town to promise that the first 10 students in the French and English subsystems will be registered for free at the GCE at the close of the first term

At GBHS Bamendakwe

In reaction, the Principal of Down Town, Nditafon George appreciated the visit of the MP who was accompanied by the Divisional Delegate of MINEPAT Mezam to his institution

"We have about 100 IDPs in school here. We are doing our best to contain them. We have been receiving help from some NGOs. We particularly thank the MP for this gesture as it will not only go a long way to help us, it will be of great help to the displaced children" the Principal said

Some of the institutions visited are lacking in infrastructure as schools were called to respect social distancing

At Ecole de Champion, more infrastructure is required to contain the pupils

"We really have infrastructural problems because the classrooms we have cannot contain the pupils. We have close to 750 pupils and the classrooms can take just 300. So about 400 don't have space." Madam Nyingcho Regine told The Observer

She requested that if more infrastructure can be provided, she will be happy

In Bamenda II, the Divisional officer, Nicolas Nkongho instructed that from the coming week, students should ensure they get to school with their uniforms

Hon Nestus Fru Manju

The North West Region has recorded the highest school attendance this year since the start of the anglophone crisis in 2016


Anye Nde Nsoh

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