Separatist Leaders Endorse Back To School

Leaders of the armed struggle that has engulfed the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon have finally asked for a resumption of classes

The call that has gone viral on social media in various handles is trumpeted by different leaders (Mark Barata, Cho Ayaba, Eric Tataw, Sako Ikome, Sisiku Ayuk) all calling for a resumption of classes

"In all revolutions I've managed to read- their phrases and patterns, all liberators consider two things; hitting hard on what hurt the Government and listening from their communities on what will possibly hurt them. #onschools I've listened to the parents. Diaspora steer clear" Eric Tataw tweeted 

"I have wrestled with the decision to allow our children go back to school in our territory. I authorize the Restoration Forces and all the activists to encourage School resumption while protecting our children against the #barbarism of neighbouring LRC. God Bless Ambazonia!" Real President Sako Ikome tweeted. 

"Like I have stated before, schools boycott is no longer a weapon of our struggle for independence. Thus, where possible Ambazonia Forces should allow education and even encourage schools going. This must be faced with the reality and subject to the security situation in each area." Mark Barata tweeted. 

"Knowledge is power, As a people we cannot sacrifice the future of our children. While the Cameroun Military commits #Genocide in #Southern Cameroons. We must continue to resist them & protect our people especially our children as they return to school come October 5th, 2020." Sisiku Ayuk tweeted. 

School going children have been kept at home since October 2016 in the majority of the English speaking Regions of Cameroon. Some traveling to far off Bertoua just to be educated

The decision from these leaders will give a sigh of relief to the common man who could not send his/her children to school in remote areas

Schools have been used as camps, some totally burnt down as what started as a professional strike by teachers and lawyers degenerated to an armed conflict in 2017

Children in Bafut subdivision had to travel to write the First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC) and Common Entrance examinations in Bamenda after studying on their own

Children have been maimed, others kidnap in their quest to get education

The Government of Cameroon, some Cameroonians of good will have in the past run campaigns on back to school

In Bamenda, capital of North West Cameroon, school resumption has been increasing by the year, with more and more children and parents braving the odds. The tradition of uniform wearing is gradually losing it's value in this part of the country

COTECC Bafut getting ready for school resumption

Schools are due to resume in Cameroon on October 5th after the coronavirus outbreak in March forced an abrupt stop to the 2019/2020 academic year


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