Regional Elections will create a new diversity, says Fuh Calistus

Minister Fun Calistus

The Secretary of State in the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Technological Development has rolled out the benefits of the Special Status to Anglophones as Cameroon is expected to hold regional elections next December. 

Minister Fuh Calistus was speaking recently on one of CRTV's flagship program, Inside The Presidency, wherein he made mention of the fact that anglophones have high expectations towards realizing the decentralization process with the regional elections which is coming up in December 2020.

Quizzed about calls for demonstrations that have as a major objective to undermine republican institutions, Minister Fuh Calistus gave a rhetorical response.

"I think the motive behind such calls is not genuine. How can a political party which took part in the 2018 presidential election be claiming today that demonstrations are intended to protest against the electoral system and the crisis in the North West and South West regions?"

To him, the regional elections convened for December 6, 2020, is a guarantor for peace in the Anglophone regions.

To further condemn the act of protesting the minister said, "In a country, there are pessimists and optimists. The pessimist is going to say there is the wind, the optimist will say let there be a change, but the leader says he will adjust the sail."

He expressed his satisfaction towards the organization of the regional election and further crave the indulgence of North Westerners and Southwesterners to support the idea of the regional elections which will see cultural identity being sorted, the House of Chiefs respected ,and other benefits.

"To me as an individual, it is something that will create a new awareness and a new diversity in this nation, which is unique in Africa. This will only come to make Cameroon a new kind of breed where the colonial past is going to be a melting pot to create something that does not exist in Africa." Minister Calistus hinted.

The putting in place of Regional Councils will accelerate Cameroon’s decentralization process in the sense that vibrant young people as well as women will be in leadership at the center of making key decisions.

Powers will leave the country's political capital Yaounde to the North West and South West regions where affairs will run from the base. 

The Special Status, one of the decisions arrived at during the September 2019 National dialogue will see Anglophones who love self-governance by nature at the center of leadership.  

"This is a devolution of power to the base, which allows each region to handle things according to the pressing needs of their people. It is going to be a kind of quasi-government that has been created with Commissioners taking charge of the different development needs of their areas. The Chairman of the Region and the House of Chiefs will both be handling different issues that affect their regions."

"I think this is a starting point, a great move and I believe that those who are sincere, will know that this is a move in the right direction and that it can only make life better in the North West and South West regions", Fuh Calistus opined.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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