Bamenda: Police Inspector killed, Commercial centre Shuts down

Police Inspector Assassinated today in Bamenda

Business persons in Bamenda have witnessed a strange afternoon as gunshots have forced them to flee home

In the early afternoon hours of Tuesday September 1, 2020 a police inspector popularly known as Petit Bikolo was shut dead by armed men who attacked them from a building and made away through the back door at Small Mankon Bamenda while on a regular control, an element of the 3rd district police station has confirmed

The officer was rushed to  the GMI hospital were he gave up the ghost

The assassination of the police inspector angered his colleagues who have been fighting armed separatists in the North West since 2017

Voice notes circulating on social media holds that at least two persons have sustained gunshots wounds. One at the Bamenda food market and another at small Mankon

Customers kissing the floor at Commercial Avenue

Gunshots in the central business district of Bamenda has forced business operators and their customers to spend the greater part of the afternoon on the floor

Those who could make it out of the tense areas quickly did so to Nkwen that has been relatively calm

Nkwen in Bamenda III subdivision has not recorded gunshots as at the time of this report

The police inspector had spent relatively five months in Bamenda


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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