Operation Boyo: Population Breathes Again

Dane guns retrieved

Defense and security forces have undertaken a 6 day mission to Boyo Division, North West Cameroon to get the area clean of Amba activities

The mission commanded by Colonel Matiang Charles Alain, commander of the 51st Motorised infantry Brigade saw over 450 soldiers engaged in the exercise

In his balance sheet to the Army hierarchy, Colonel Matiang noted that a total of 17 separatist fighters lost their lives and some seven others were apprehended

Epoulettes of Separatist fighters

Dane guns, iron rods, gas cylinders, military fatigues, tailoring machines, identification uniforms, chain saw, motorbikes, musical instruments, phones, charms, marijuana, bullets, locally made explosive materials and pictures were presented to the local and Administrative Authorities

WhatsApp Hotel, a lodging facility in Anyajua was recovered from the hands of the fighters

General Nka Valere flanked to this right by General Ekongwese Divine

In his congratulatory remarks, Brigadier General Nka Valere, Commander of the 5th joint military Region saluted the bravery of the army that recorded no human casualty in the operation

He further saluted the collaboration of the population in helping the military access separatist hideouts

"I wish to congratulate the people of Boyo Division for standing tall with the army that is here to protect them, the goal of these operations is not to kill Cameroonians. The purpose is to ensure that terrorist activities are stopped across the North West and the population is free" he said

Brown clothes fabricated as uniforms

Of the seven arrested, General Nka hinted that further investigations will be done by the National Gendarmerie and the law will be applied

"Those who have been arrested will follow the procedure laid down by law and the courts will decide" he added

RK, a leading separatist fighter escaped during the operation. His National Identity card and Voters card were retrieved including other documents, Colonel Matiang Charles Alain said

Access into parts of Boyo have been restricted by the fighters with imposed ghost towns and lockdowns. Tufoin Chia Ernest, 1st Deputy Mayor of Fundong opine that the people can now sleep with both eyes close

"Our Pius hope is that long lasting peace returns to this Division. With this operation, the people can now sleep in peace and go about their daily activities unperturbed"

The access road to Fundong, Capital of Boyo Division is littered with houses covered by grass, schools completely abandoned, wrecks of cars and bikes along the Major highway

Boyo SDO, Tengnie Fidel used the occasion to make a Clarion call for schools to open come October, 2020

Colonel Matiang Charles Alain and his 450-man contingent pleaded with hierarchy to plan a second and third mission  to access other places that were difficult because of the topography and vastness of the Division


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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