NWADO Drills Civil society Actors on Land Tenure and Contract procedures, sets monitoring committee

Participants at the workshop

Access to land and it's ownership is difficult to comprehend in Cameroon especially taking into consideration the land tenure ordinance that dates back to 1974

It is even more compounded by the fact that you cannot own land until you reach the age of 40

The land tenure system in Cameroon has made it difficult for Civil society organisations and young entrepreneurs to either own land or have access to land

Josephine Musongong

Madam Josephine Musongong is working with the Bamendakwe Rural Development Association

"We deal with bee farming and having land is very difficult. Bee farming takes a lot of time and before you know it, either the land which mostly belongs to our husbands have been sold." Madam Musongong said

It is for this reason that The North West Association of Development Organisations, NWADO in partnership with Active citizenship strengthening program, EU brought together Civil society Actors across the North West Region, Wednesday August 5, 2020 for a one day workshop to understand the land tenure and public contract procedures in Cameroon

According to CONAC's 2010 report, over 920 petitions were received relating to poor implementations of public contracts.

In 2011, CONAC reported that over 70 billion destined for contracts ended in private pockets

NWADO seeks to empower these CSOs with adequate knowledge to do proper follow up of contracts

Tombir Stanley, Coordinator of NWADO

Tombir Stanley, Coordinator of NWADO said there was no better time than now to get these civil societies understand this

"If we do not empower these CSOs, unscrupulous individuals might make away with funds destined for the construction of the North West Region" he hinted

Nchotu Christopher, facilitator 

According to Nchotu Christopher, facilitator at the workshop, over 80% of land in Cameroon is not titled, "let's talk about National land, Government land etc. We need to simplify these issues so the common man can understand"

Tombir Stanley says at the close of the workshop, proposals will be made for a possible amendment of the 1974 land tenure Law

The capacity building of CSOs in the North West comes shortly after the launch of the reconstruction of the North West and South West Regions. 

The knowledge gained will help members of the civil society to better evaluate the works on the ground. 

Last week, it was revealed during the follow-up Committee for the implementation of the public investment budget that the execution rate of the North West for 2020 stands at 8%. Civil society Actors were challenged to do close follow up of contracts

Participants at the workshop expressed gratitude to NWADO for a job well done, hoping that better contracts will be executed going forward in the North West Region.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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