Nigerians Decry Extortion, harassment along Bamenda-Ekok Road

people of Enugu state take a family picture

To solve the challenges and make life easy for Nigerians in Cameroon, the president of the Nigerian Union in the North West region Prince Otebong Ituen and his entourage have embarked on a tour to various states in the region. 

Sunday August 9, 2020, in the Nigerian Union townhall Bamenda saw the people of Enugu State welcoming the union. 

While addressing the president's team, the people of Enugu outlined five problems face which include. Harrassment along Bamenda-Ekok road, kidnapping of members, deprivation of maximum participation and representation in the Elders council, reduction of fines imposed on members and replacement of cultural adviser, post previously held by a native from Enugu of blessed memory. 

Prince Otebong Ituen

In addressing these issues, Prince Otebong acknowledged the fact that from Imo state to Anambra then to Enugu states, they are have similar worries but promises to address them soonest. 

“My people all have the same worry, which are illegal extortion of money from Nigerians along Bamenda Ekok road, kidnapping of Nigerians and others.”

“I match my words with actions, I have spoken to government authorities about the extortion, Unfortunately, I am not able to know those kidnapping my people and collecting monies from them. If I can identify them, I will love to dialogue with them so that, they can leave Nigerians alone.  Very soon I will recover the properties from the break away Nigerians, and in terms of fines, dues and replacements I am following certain modalities for better solutions.” Prince Otebong opined. 

President of the Women's wing

The President of the women’s wing of the Nigerian Union in Bamenda Margaret Ovayozo Ituen, has stood up for the women stating difficulties faced by women. 

“Peoples terms of office are over but they don't want to give way to new officials. 
The Crisis is affecting us especially our businesses. People have moved out of the region while others have goods on the ground but difficulties to sell. 
Our husbands are being kidnapped and when the husband is not found, the wife is taken in replacement.”

All these difficulties are meant to be rectified to help the citizens of from the Federal Republic of Nigeria have a comfortable stay in Cameroon


Anye Nde Nsoh

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