Ndop Council puts Youth First, creates back to school Fund

Dr Ntoh Daniel with Second Assistant SDO to his right

Councillors of Ndop council have proposed and adopted a deliberation to create a fund that will help prepare children to regain their classrooms come October

Monies that will be contributed by councillors, Elite, the Ndop council and well wishers aims to prepare school going children purchase uniforms, pens, pencils, and pay fees through the 2020/2021 school year

No school has been operating in Ndop since the Anglophone crisis exploded to a full war. Pupils and students have not attended classes since October of 2016 in the subdivision that is also capital of Ngoketunjia Division

Cross section of councillors at the mid-term evaluation

The councillors adopted the deliberation during the mid-term evaluation of the Ndop council Thursday 6th August 2020 and went further to contribute 20,000 Francs each to kick start the fund

Dr Ntoh Daniel, Mayor of Ndop council planned on opening schools within each village that makes up his council area as he hopes normalcy will return in the days ahead

"Focal schools will be run in all villages. This is to say many schools can converge in one for the time being till some degree of normalcy returns for all schools to effectively resume in the subdivision" Dr Ntoh said

Six months into his mandate, the council has been able to repair broken water taps, replace fallen electric poles and also start the construction of a bridge in Bamesing worth 50 million Francs

The council has successfully electrified a quarter in Bamali and has greatly subsidized the price of rice in the Municipality

Rice hulling mill set-up at the council

Farmers can hull their rice at the council at almost zero cost

The lofty ideas of setting up an equipment pool, extend electricity, construct farm to market roads and modern school buildings are hindered by insecurity that still prevails in some quarters

The Mayor challenged the councillors, quarter heads and Fons to talk to their brothers and sisters and appeal to them to listen to the voice of reason. To allow developmental activities and schools go on unperturbed

The council board has also set-up a scheme that will help discourage young persons from involving themselves in acts of terrorism

"I wish to call on Fons, Quarter heads, councillors and our Elite to continue to preach peace, to engage with these young persons who were misguided to return to normal life. We have jobs at the council for them." the Mayor said

"It's almost four years and we are not moving ahead. We have destroyed all that we built. We need to help these young persons to help themselves"

The council whose financial execution stands at 12.8% of the over 800 million budgeted will engage in street lighting of Bamuka village in the months ahead

The council functions with funds descentralised by the state, the public investment budget and other grants. Community collection at Markets and other revenue generating points, stands at zero FCFA for the time being


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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