Belo Mayor, 27 others strives for reconciliation

Belo Town Hall

Four years and counting, Belo subdivision counts itself amongst the hardest hit subdivisions as the Anglophone crisis persist 

The area which has been caught up between gun battles by nonstate arm groups and the forces of law and order have seen lives lost, separation of families, deserted streets, kidnappings and lots more have characterized the locatlity since the start of the crisis. 

In a four page document, the Mayor and 27 other Elites, laments the absence of cultural values, sources of livelihood and spirit of diversity which was in the area now plagued by sorrowful scenes due to the crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic. He regrets the lost of potent lives, destruction of businesses, farm workshops and imagined plans which were made for the Division. 

While lamenting, ways forward have been made which can better and revive life in the area. Forgiveness even in tears and give peace a chance is what will bring back the status quo of Belo. 

To him, through collective efforts, rebuilding of ruined institutions such as The Mbingo Baptist Hospital which is a reference center, St Bedes College Ashing which is a magnificent agro-industral center, training centers will reinstate the status quo of Belo towers as the pride of the North West and Cameroon as a whole. 

Deserted streets of Belo

He reassures the love of the community to sons and daughters of Boyo both home and abroad and also pleads for forgiveness for both the present and future generation, reconciliation for chidren to go to school, people going to church and markets. 

The area has been starved from its usually agricultural activities, Education, religious and social activities, reasons why the people yern for the rich and poor students to go to school, benefit from the training centers, workshops which have been long abandoned. 

It is also a time to create avenues for sons and daughters littered in the bushes, 'foriegn towns', villages and countries to return home and enjoy the warmth of each other. 

Indegines of Boyo from the various subdivisions Bum, Njinikom, Fundong and Belo, to eat, drink and dance till dawn in the market squares as had been the case. 

Revival, reconstruction and effective use of institutions in Boyo

 He has also urged the indigens both home and abroad to allow Traditional, religious, political authorities to engage in a veritable campaige of a new dawn where peace and love are the cardinal principles 

COVID-19, a health hazard affecting the region a target and a virus which inhabitants have been urged to stay and combat.


Toh Clinton Ndong

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  1. St bedes college is not an agro industrial center

  2. Many sentences lack subject verb concord which makes no sense. D article needs to be rewritten and well punctuated