RUKEP-CAM Supports 18 Families


Rural Underprivileged Kids Educational Program RUKEP-CAM has provided food items to some needy and underprivileged people. 

The handing over of these gifts was done Thursday July 2, 2020, to about 18 families. This was done at the head office at Ghana street Bamenda North West region. The items handed include a bag of rice, 10 cubes of soap, 5kg salt, a packet of Maggie, a liter of groundnut oil and 5 liters of palm oil. To facilitate movement, transportation was also provided. 

Afoni Joyce Regional Coordinator of RUKEP-CAM has narrates how the selection was done. 

“We did a need assessment by actually visiting homes to discover what they need and how to help them out. It was essential to reach out to them because no organization has come to their aid knowing the difficulties that have come due to the anglophone crisis.”

The organization plans to

“Move out helping people writing projects and sourcing projects. That is why we are moving out there helping the underprivileged. 
We believe in sustainability. We are not ready to give them stuffs all the time. We will train some in small trades while others will be impacted with skills so they can eventually help themselves and their families.” Mme Afoni explained. 

Receiving the gifs, a beneficiary from Kom, Ngong Miranda expressed satisfaction and spoke of the difficulties. 

“I am very happy for this food items we have received. We are nine of us at home and it is not easy surviving. I pray God helps those helping us and replenish the source.“

RUKEP-CAM Owned by James Chuyum Kwamong, has as motto “Giving hope to the needy.” It has been existing since 2014 but had its authorization in 2016. Its head office is in Ashing Kom in Boyo division. The organization later moved to mile 6 Nkwen due to the ongoing socio-political crisis in area. 

RUKEP-CAM aims at helping Underprivileged children particularly, the family and the entire community. Therefore children create a link between the organization family and community.
It also provide school needs and food supplie to the underprivileged. Sensitizing of parents for the need of education since the supplies can not be given to all and consistently. 

Housing of Internally Displaced Persons and providing their necessities. This is done in a mini cite rented at mile 6 Nkwen housing about 33 IDPs. 

During holidays, sporting activities are organized to keep youths entertained. This is called VISI UNITY CUP which stands for Visisimbom meaning leave everything to God.


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