Nigerians Decry Extortion on Bamenda-Ekok Road

Indigenes of Anambra state

The President of the Nigerian Union in Bamenda have urged indigenes of Anambra state resident in Bamenda to be United, law abiding and business oriented

Prince Otebong, Nigerian Union President in Bamenda was speaking in a meeting on Sunday July 26th in Bamenda bringing together chiefs and elders of the Nigerian community resident in Bamenda

Indigenes from Anambra state in a tear provoking presentation lamented that some of them have been kidnapped, harassed with huge sums extorted from them. Especially on the Bamenda-Ekok road where goods and other services are imported  into Bamenda

The aspect of extortion and unnecessary delay on this stretch has been raised by business persons of other states like Imo who have called on the union to lay these problems at the doorsteps of Cameroonian Authorities

Prince Otebong addressing the worries of the people

Prince Otebong in his response acknowledged that these problems have been presented and a definite solution is being sort

"During my tour which started with Imo state, I noticed that the same problems have been presented to me. By the grace of God, it be solved. There is no problem that is above dialogue and negotiations. We will handle it diplomatically." The President noted

"For the issue of kidnapping, unfortunately I cannot identify those who been kidnapping my people. I would have loved to talk with them and let them know we don't want to involve ourselves with the internal problem of this country." Prince Otebong added

During his opening speech, the President acknowledged that the current tour is a history making event and advised Nigerians to stay clear of the internal problems of Cameroon

He emphasized that the barrier measures put in place by the government of Cameroon and the world Health Organization be respected to the latter. He proceeded to hand face masks bearing the National colours of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to the people of Anambra.

The Nigerian community in Bamenda is putting its Arsenal together to construct a town hall. Their current Secretariat is operating on a rental structure and swallows 1.2 million Francs annually

Anambra state is situated in the South East of Nigeria and has as motto; "Light of the Nation"

Prince Otebong will continue his tour to other states with residents in Bamenda


Anye Nde Nsoh

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