Decentralisation: Bafut council builds capacity of councillors

Bafut Mayor hands attestation of participation to councillors

Councillors of the Bafut council have  attended a two-day capacity building workshop facilitated by Action for Sustainable, Environmental Protection for Communities ASDEPCO on the 29th and 30th of July, 2020. 

With the aim being to improve the knowledge of the councillors on the “Organization and functioning of local councils and the attribute and obligations of  elected officials,” the 35 councillors were drilled on their roles to play as councillors and how to be development oriented. 

The training is in line with Law No 2019/024of 24th December 2019 instituting the General  Code  of Regional and Local Authorities. Stating in article 126 (1) that the elected officials shall be entitled to training adapted to their office. 

Councilors according to the training are expected to know the attributes and obligations of an elected official, have an insight in the new decentralization law, know what it takes to become an effective leader and others. 

Municipal councillors of Bafut Council

While addressing the participants in his closing remarks, the Mayor to the Bafut council, Ngwakongoh Lawrence encouraged his councillors to be committed 

“We all know that knowledge is power and if we are not informed, we are deformed. Bafut which was a place to be, will continue to be a place to be. Considering the fact that we are now very informed, considering the fact that we are the first to implement the new law of decentralization, I strongly belief that our unity has been strengthened, and we will keep working as one person.”

Bafut which has been  badly hit by the ongoing sociopolitical situation, is facing set backs in Development. The Mayor called for unity and development oriented minds, ignoring side comments. 

“Lets be one another's keeper, avoid side talks and keep our differences far away from the development of Bafut, looking at how we can develop the touristic sites in Bafut, improve the quality cash crops and its yields, mining of sand at lower Bafut to create more jobs and many others. Let fear not be our discouraging tool.” he outlined

Councilor Chesi Chenwi

Chesi Chenwi, a councilor from Nfonta was well schooled and stated how this workshop will impact his work as a councilor and his community. 

“As a councilor from Nfonta, I was schooled on how to do checks and balances of the Mayor, then inform my local community on the state of the council to keep them updated. How to come out with micro projects which will benefit my community.”

“What I have learnt here has equipped me with the modern tool to impact my community especially with the 2019 law of decentralization. My work will go hand in hand with the law which will act as a guide, carrying out my duty as a coucillor.” Chenwi added.

The councillors each backed home an attestation after the two-day session. The municipality of Bafut is a CPDM run council. A council they acquired after the February 9 polls


Anye Nde Nsoh

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