Anglophone crisis: Hon Agho Oliver encourages Bafut population to embrace development

Hon Agho Oliver

The Member of Parliament of the Bafut-Tubah constituency, Hon Agho Oliver, has called for peace to return to Bafut for development to continue. 

Speaking during the installation of the Divisional Officer of Bafut subdivision under Deafening gunshots, Tuesday June 30, 2020 he emphasized on peace and normalcy to return. 

Being an area highly hit by the Anglophone crisis and gun battles he was a witness to the situation. 

“I am happy I have seen the reality on the field. We are using this ceremony to call on the population of Bafut  to remain committed, law abiding, respecting state institutions and to rally and support the new DO.”

Hon Agho to the far left

Talking about security, Hon Agho believes the security of the Bafut people lies in their hands and not the military. 

“The security of Bafut is in the hands of the Bafut people. It is not in the hands of the military. So I think that we should realize that without peace there will be no development.”

Using same words with the Mayor, he says

“We should give peace a chance so we will be able to carry-on the many projects allocated to this subdivision and also benefit from the presidential reconstruction plan.”

Projects assigned to the Municipality of Bafut have all been returned to Yaounde during the last three years. The MP highlighted that the development of the area is first for Bafut people who are the immediate beneficiaries

Hon Agho Oliver has in the past donated roofing sheets to some families whose houses were burnt in the village

The member of Parliament promised to work harder with the Mayor and administrative authorities for long lasting peace to return to the subdivision


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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