NW/SW Reconstruction: Rescue mission for Women

Senator Mrs Regina Mundi

Since the start of the Anglophone crisis in 2016 that eventually escalated to an armed conflict has seen many persons losing their lives. Thousands have been killed with women and girls being the most affected. It's either they're losing a son or a husband

School drop out, unwanted pregnancies, prostitution, rape, kidnapping and frustration are some of the effects badly felt by the female sex. 
With the recent killings and abductions, women are the most affected as some of them are rendered widows and in effect bear the pains of single motherhood.  

 Hucking by the road side and markets has now become the best alternative for survival. 

 The coming of the presidential plan for the reconstruction of the North West and South West Regions, women and the girls are not left out in reconstructing of women empowerment centers. 
Senator Mrs Regina Mundi explains that 
"Yes I will like to say that this plan is an extremely important plan for this region. It is very elaborate and very comprehensive.  This is just one part of the entire plan for women and girls."

"The people who have been affected are mainly those who have not been to school for three years counting and their future looks frustrating. But I think they have a future to look up to now with the  reconstruction of the women empowerment centers  and other training centers for young people is going to help very much." She added. 

She went further to explain that through this reconstruction plan, craftmanship will be encouraged. 

"This has come to reinforce their capacities not just by formal education but by informal education and craftmanship for sustenance. 

 She also calls for the reconstruction of divisions and full rehabilitation of affected. 

All Divisions and Subdivisions should be rebuild for these girls who have dropped out from school and might never go back to be rehabilitated.

Senator Mrs Regina Mundi has played an active part in the fight against infant and maternal mortality since the outbreak of the Anglophone crisis


Fomusoh Rachel

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