COVID-19: Beacon of Light Association Empowers Girls, women on safety Measures

Beacon of Light, a non-governmental association, has launched weeklong activities to sensitise women and girls on the novel coronavirus

In a one day sensitisation campaign, Tuesday May 6th, pregnant women and girls of the district hospital (PMI) Nkwen received educative talks on measures put in place by Government and WHO, stressing on the need to regularly  attend antenatal care, regular hand washing with soap and social distancing

Women who hawk and do petite businesses at travel agencies received face masks and cubes of soap

Madam Tuna Lidwine

Madam Tuna Lidwine, member of the Association, schooled passengers on the importance of wearing face mask when traveling and avoiding crowded areas

400 cubes of soap, 300 face masks, buckets were handed to women and "buyam sellams" at the Nkwen Market

Erleen Wango

Madam Eleen Wango, CEO of BeLA was pleased with the respond of women

"The women have been very cooperative. In the phase of any pandemic, women and girls are the most vulnerable. That is why we decided to empower them"

At Nkwen Market

Beacon of Light Association was created in 2016 with the aim of fighting child trafficking and gender based violence

Amour Mezam

The Association is made up of 10 active members and 15 volunteers. The association will carry it's preventive campaign to other regions in the days ahead


Fomusoh Rachel

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