Bamenda II Mayor Engages Youth, Elite in outdoor sports competition.

Mayor Chenwi launching the Tennis competition

The Mayor of the Bamenda II subdivisional council, Chenwi Peter has launched a three day outdoor sports competition under the theme "Youth and Elite Uniting for a common vision and a fight against COVID-19 within the Municipality under the patronage of the Mayor of Bamenda II."

The launching exercise Friday May 22nd in swimming and Tennis brought together athletes from within and without the municipality.

According to Mayor Chenwi Peter there's no need carrying on with infrastructural development without uniting the Municipality

"Since we took over office, there has been certain challenges but there is calm now due to media collaboration. The vision of this competition is uniting the Youth and Elite. We can not go and be constructing schools, building bridges when we cannot focus as one."

"Sporting activities have been down for about four years because of the crisis so this is an approach to unite the municipality. We can use sports as a medium to unite our region." He added.

Swimming competition

The competition comprises of Cross Country Race, Swimming and Tennis, divided into various categories

The tennis and swimming competitions are ongoing at the Ayaba Hotel. The cross country race from the Commercial avenue to the monument at Station and back will cover a distance of 24KM

This is the first outdoor sports competition organised by the Bamenda II Council since it's creation in 2007


Anye Nde Nsoh

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