Public Health Minister Involves Councils In Fight against COVID-19.

To fully curb the spread of the corona virus which is on an upward trajectory in Cameroon, the Ministers of Public Health and Decentralization and Local Development after a meeting on Monday April 20.2020, are pleased to inform the public on the full involvement of local and urban councils in the fight against the dreaded virus.

The meeting was aimed at “further involving councils and urban councils in the frame work of decentralization of prevention and response to the global pandemic of the novel coronavirus.”

Certain measures where arrived at to be fully implemented by councils and city councils with respect to the powers given to them by the State concerning health and social matters.

The social and health management for positive COVID-19 cases and those hospitalized (food, laundry, etc)

The identification of potential quarantine sites and their evaluation (these sites must all have possible facilities)

The identification of sites in cemeteries for the burial of deceased people from COVID-19 (cases of mass deaths)

The disinfection of cities on a large scale

The mobilization of health workers to raise awareness among the populations.

This was done in the presence of the Director General for the Special Fund for Equipment and Inter-communal Intervention (FEICOM) and the Mayor to the Yaounde city.

The communique went further to state that a study is on the way with a view to making financial resources available to councils with less financial resources for the effective implementation of these measures.

The Ministers also went ahead to commend the effort of Mayors in their various areas and efforts put in place in the fight against this virus.


Anye Nde Nsoh

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