Bamenda I Council provides kits to combat COVID-19

The Bamenda I council under the leadership of  Mbigah Felix Njah
has provided some equipments to communities that make up the Bamenda I subdivision, to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. The items which were donated Tuesday April 14, 2020, included buckets, soup, and face masks to facilitate the hand washing process.

In the presence of His Royal Highest the Fon of Mendakwe, quarter heads of Bamendakwe village, councilors and health personnels, the Mayor called on all to take preventive measures to guarantee the safety of the community.

To further expatiate on the gravity of the coronavirus, Dr. Tiasoh Ransome, Chief Medical Officer of the Bamendakwe Health Center, explained to all present the gravity of the virus. He looked at the possible means of contracting the virus being through contact with an infected person, sneezing, coughing. He also talked on the means through which the virus can be prevented.

According to the Mayor Mbigah Felix Njah, the Bamenda 1 council is strictly implementing the measures put in place by the government to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

“The Bamenda I council as a whole, we are joining our voices with that of the The Government to fight against the spread of the coranavirus which is killing the masses.

What we are doing today is just a sign of togetherness, we are fighting with the quarter heads by sensitizing them to go back to their quarters and pass across the message to the population on the danger of this virus.” Mayor Mbigha Felix said.

The massive turn out of quarter heads for the sensitization and collection of kits, showed their determination to work and combat Covid-19.

The mayor went further to say it is very possible to spread the message because the decentralization law has given room to get local authorities involved in administration.
In response, the Secretary General of the Bamendakwe quarter heads, Mr Tita Christopher, expressed his satisfaction and promised their contribution in the fight against this global pandemic.

“All quarter heads have collected, we will go back, call quarter meetings and sensitize the population. In cases of occasions these buckets have to be placed there. We will also sensitize business persons to follow this measure strictly", Mr Tita Christopher said.

Possible signs of the coronavirus remains fever, cough, running nose, and if you get in contact with an infected person/ someone from a foreign country, quarantine yourself or call 1510 for rescue.

We have to take precautions, follow the measures put in place by the Government to avoid being contaminated.


Anye Nde Nsoh

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  1. Great job team, keep going brothers. We will get there