Bamenda City Mayor seals closed shops

Mayor Paul Achobong

The Mayor of the Bamenda City Council, Paul Achobong has sealed shops that failed to open their doors this Monday 13th April 2020

The Mayor has been disinfecting markets and streets for two weeks now.

Traders of the Bamenda Main market were instructed to open their shops for another disinfection exercise or be sealed

"For any shop sealed, the owner will pay a fine of 50,000 Frs," Paul Achobong said

Hundreds of sheds remained closed despite the heavy penalty to be incurred

Rice, oil and soap were sold to customers at half the price at three different points at the Bamenda main market

"I bought a 25kg of rice, six tablets of soap and two litres of Groundnut oil at 7000 Frs" a customer told The Observer

Hundreds trooped into the Bamenda main market to do the purchases

300 bags of rice, several cartons of soap and oil were on sale

Since January 2017, shops have remained closed in Bamenda on Mondays, respecting calls from separatists leaders for a traditional ghost town

Accompanied by the Mayors of Bamenda I and II, the City Mayor warned that any trader who breaks the seal will forfeit the shed

The disinfection process continued at the Bamenda Central Prison and military barracks


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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