After Bambui, Mezam North MP replicates gesture in Bafut

The Member of Parliament of Mezam North constituency, Hon Agho Oliver has handed over roofing sheets to the people of Bafut who suffered from arson attacks in the ongoing anglophone crisis.

A total of 27 families benefited from the gesture of the Member of Parliament.

"It will greatly help me. When I get back, I will complete my structure", a beneficiary told the Observer237.

To Valentine Shum, "I wish to thank the Honourable for this gift. I was homeless, just staying around. Tomorrow I can return home" he recounted

To the Member of Parliament, "it is my responsibility to ensure that our brothers and sisters stop fighting and let's bring meaningful development to our village"

He recounted that the roofing sheets were a donations from his friends and him and not his micro project grants.

"When the grant will come, we will divide into two, one for Bafut and the other for Tubah.

He further handed over envelopes to the families to help them purchase nails and planks.

The Divisional Officer just like the Mayor of Bafut saluted the move of the MP. They called on the population to bury their hatchets for meaningful development in their Subdivision.

The gesture that took place April 25, came two days after a similar offer to the people of Tubah.

Agho Oliver was elected MP for the Bafut-Tubah constituency on March 22, 2020.

By Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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