"We will Transform the City of Bamenda"- Paul Achobong

The City Mayor of Bamenda has promised the population that he will totally transform the city within five years

Mayor Paul Achobong was speaking at the Ayaba Hotel during a ceremony to officially install him and his Deputies

"We will build another market to settle the hawkers who currently ply our streets" the Mayor hinted

He has also promised to reinstall street lights on the streets of Bamenda while extending the water supply system

Paul Achobong is a Civil Engineer by profession and has been a Grand Councillor of the Bamenda City Board for seven years

Installing the Mayor and his two Deputies, the SDO for Mezam, Simon Mooh Emile applauded the plan of action of the Mayor and challenged him to fight against Ghost towns and lockdowns with all his energy

"The Development of Bamenda that needs a complete face lift is in your hands" he reminded the new team

The 55 year old Mayor will be assisted by Ndoh David Chi and Ngu Lucas Afong as First and second Deputies

The SDO reminded them not to serve political interest above that of the people of Bamenda who deserve a cleaner, greener and relax avenues to carry-on their businesses

The Mayor has placed the reconstruction of the Bamenda Municipal Stadium on top of his priorities

"We need a leisure centre in Bamenda. The Municipal Stadium needs to be delivered to the people of Bamenda as soon as possible"

Less than three weeks after his Election, Paul Achobong has earmarked a clean up Campaign to clear off the rubbish on the streets of Bamenda and disinfect the various Subdivisions

The Mayor has a five year Mandate and will be assisted by a Board made up of 30 City councillors drawn from the three subdivisional councils to add to the three Mayors of Bamenda 1, 2 and 3


Toh Clinton

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