Military Raids Ngoketunjia, inflicts huge damage on Separatist Fighters

Armoury seized from separatists fighters

Guns, military equipments (uniforms, helmets, handcuffs), flying boats, canoes, mobile phones, bags of canabies, generators and other materials have been presented to Brigadier General Nka Valere, commander of the 5th joint military region, Brigadier General Ekongwese Divine, commander of the 5th gendamerie region and the population of Bangorain in the Noun Division, West region.

The materials were presented Wednesday March 18th 2020 by colonel Charles Alain who lead a 350-man delegation of the forces of law and order to some parts of the Ngoketunjia Division.

Speaking during the presentation ceremony, Col. Charles Alain revealed that it wasn't an easy task as they had to stay in the bush for five days, so as to record a success. At the end of the five day mission, more than 20 separatist fighters were neutralized including "general Action man" who was part of the attack on the gendamerie and police stations in Galim, killing about 8 people, many injured and on the run, 10 camps destroyed, guns and other materials used by the fighters collected

In response, Brigadier General Nka Valere saluted the bravery and professionalism of the forces of law and order who went for the mission.

"Your success is important but not complete", General Nka Valere told the soldiers. He called on them to remain focuse and vigilant as they prepare to return to the field in the days ahead.


Brigadier General Ekongwese Divine on his part, called on the population to continue to work in close collaboration with the forces of law and order. He recognized the work of the local vigilante group and called on them to report any suspected individual to the military. He told them not to allow others to come attack them at their home.

At Bangourain, they equally congratulated the population and their vigilante groups for their collaboration with the military while urging them to stay focused and alert.

Earlier, the mayor of Bangourain, Moubain Adanou could not hide the happiness of his people after the successes recorded by the military.

"We can now sleep with our eyes closed and in peace. I promise together with my people to bring all other resistance to justice", Mayor Moubain Adanou said.

On December 22nd, 2019, at least one person died, many kidnapped and over 60 houses burnt by separatist fighters in an attack on the locality. After the attack, Territorial administration minister, Paul Atanga Nji visited the area where he assured the population of government's support.


Nji Nelson Chefor on Special Assignment to Bangourain

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