Freelance Journalist Survives Road Accident, promises to serve God


    'I will become a pastor because of the miracle that happened to me'.
A cameroonian international freelance journalist Arison Tamfu is thanking God for saving his life after he sustained serious injuries in a road accident on the national road number 1 linking Douala to Yaounde

     The accident that occurred on Sunday 22nd March 2020, left Arison unconscious for hours, a relative Emmanuel Mumfor died on the spot

  Arison Tamfu has worked with Equinoxe Television before settling as an international freelance Journalist

   He was rushed to a nearby hospital in Mbankomo at the outskirts of Yaounde but later taken to the Yaounde central hospital where he started responding to treatment.

  At the early hours of March 23rd, Arison regained consciousness and could recount what happened.

  Surrounded by his family and friends he thanked the Almighty for giving him a second chance though in pains and bruises,psychologically traumatized he thanked those who included him in their prayers.


Fomusoh Rachel

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