Army Attempts to drive "Ghost" from Bamenda

Nka Valere leading soldiers in a march

It is one month now and counting that General Nka Valere of the 5th joint military region in Bamenda had been on the street in order to send the ghosts away that had long been planted in Bamenda

Monday 2nd March, 2020 saw elements of the 5th joint military region back on the streets of Bamenda calling on  the population to overcome fear and go about with their daily activities normally

From the Governor's junction at up station, the soldiers with few of the people who could brave it match down the hills of Bamendakwe, through finance junction, new layout, Ayaba street, T_junction, commercial avenue, Sonac street, cow street and  then mobile Nkwen where  the soldiers commune with the population with a sport exercise.

While at every road junction, the caravan stopped to address the population who could only watch from their doors; " ghost towns does not pay, it kills our economy, it causes our children to be without food, overcome fear,go to the markets, open your shops and go about with your normal activities ".

While  the General is busy fighting for the ghosts to give way for the population to regain normal activities most of  the administrative offices within the town are respecting the ghosts. Our first stop was at the divisional office of Bamenda 1, then 2.

 This reporter did not stop there, he visited the Public work's office, MIDENO, Which were all close. A clear indication that General Nka Valere is will need to convince the Elites before the population

It should be noted that  since Gen. Nka Valere started this fight against ghost towns, Bamenda  1 and Bamenda 3 sub divisions have been responding to his call with some economic activities taking place on Mondays. Bamenda 2 is an uphill task for the military General

The Military and the top Administration must synergies if they want to kill this cankerworm

Neba Jerome Ambe in Bamenda.

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