Legislative Elections: Why Nestus Fru for Parliament in Mezam Centre

On Sunday February 9th, the population of Bamenda I, II and III alongside those in Bali, will use the ballot box to choose the candidate they believe can best represent their aspirations in parliament, and bag home the much needed development.

The electorates of the Mezam centre constituency will be doing so after comparing and contrasting the manifestos submitted to them by aspirants vying for the top job, in a bit to ascertain if truly it reflects their needs or the personal agenda of the candidates.

Nestus Fru Manju is a candidate gunning for member of parliament for Mezam centre under the CPDM ticket.

The certified senior jurist/guidance counselor expert par excellence, with over thirteen years of professional excellence is a father of four.

Going by his campaign slogan  "The Force Of Innovation" , under which he clearly outline a series of realistic programs for his constituency and country,  Nestus Fru Manju, also going by investigations carried out by the Observer237 seems to be the only one, who so far happens to have proposed a bottom-top style of working with his future constituents, committing himself same time to work relentlessly with them in search for peace, social cohesion and development of the Mezam centre constituency, to the admiration of the population.

He has also pledge his commitment to give a listening ear to the population and partner with investors in and out of the constituency to execute the educational, social and economic projects, outlined in his manifesto.

The 43 year old with a bachelors degree in Law and political sciences obtained from the university of Dschang, with a practical knowledge of tackling administrative and managerial issues, writes and expresses himself perfectly in English and French, and also has a solid background in computer knowledge. Qualities that will permit him break the various barriers at the assembly and elsewhere to get what he wants for his people.

It is also believed that the knowledge Nestus Fru Manju has gained from the series of trainings and conferences on conflict resolution and decision making,  gives him an additional advantage in contributing towards resolving the current stalemate facing the anglophone regions of Cameroon.

By Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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