Cameroon Authorities Silent over Ndu Killings

Authorities in Cameroon's restive North West Region have kept
sealed lips after close to 35 persons, including children and women were killed on Friday in Ngarr-buh, Donga Mantung Division of North West Cameroon.

Dr. Nick Ngwayam, Elite of Donga Mantung has  condemned the act on Facebook, " it is obvious that when we run away from the truth and love; and choose to be dealing with heavy part of solving problems nothing will work. It is a principle and a natural law."

Men in military fatigue committed the acts according to a relative of a victim, Bruno Ngeh, speaking to voanews.com, "These people had taken refuge in Ngarr-buh thinking that they were going to be safe in such a place but they never knew that they will be killed in their sleep by the very military that is supposed to protect them. I think it is time for the international community to put pressure on the Cameroon government to find a quick settlement to this conflict that has claimed so many lives," he said

Government troops and anglophone separatist rebels have been fighting in the English-speaking part of the country since 2016.

Donga Mantung remained one of the few divisions in the North West region where children attended school

More than 72 hours after the killings that the armed groups blamed on the government, Yaounde is yet to make a statement.

Although separatist fighters vowed to disrupt the 9 February 2020 local elections;  municipal and legislative elections took place in Ndu. It seems the armed groups could have carried out the act to 'punish' the population.

Anglophone activists on social media accused government forces of carrying out the act.

Sympathy messages from Cameroonians have been pouring in since Friday and many have called an independent investigation.

By Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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