Fuel Shortage Hits Bamenda

Retailers stranded at Filling stations

For one week and counting, automobile owners in Bamenda have had difficulties getting fuel especially 'super' at major fuel stations. Vehicles cue up just to read a notice, "there is no super" at Major fuel filling stations

Car and bike owners have resulted to purchasing fuel along the road at exorbitant prices with a litre selling above the Normal price. As at Sunday, December 15th, 2019, a litre of super was selling at 700frs. 50frs more than what obtains when fuel is readily available

At a filling station in Mile Four Nkwen, retailers assembled with tens of containers to fetch fuel which will be retailed at higher prices

Bamenda in the recent pass has had an influx of illicit fuel from neighbouring Nigeria popularly known here as "finge" with a litre selling between 500 and 650 Frs. At the advent of the Anglophone crisis and with many security and separatist check points, retailers have decided to visit the filling stations 

A driver plying the Bamenda- Bambili road, Abubakar, cautioned car owners not to buy from people they don't know as fuel is mixed with kerosene. The outcome not good for car engines

Commuters hope this situation is brought under control.

With fuel now selling above the regulated price, Bamenda is expected to have an increase in transport fares in the days ahead

by Fomusoh Rachel

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