MBOSCUDA empowers Community Leaders in Koutaba

D.O of Koutaba, Nguimbis Daniel

The Mbororo Social Cultural and Development Association, MBOSCUDA,  has empowered community leaders drawn from all Eight Divisions of the West Region in a two day seminar which opened in Koutaba on Saturday, 16th December 2018

The workshop seeks to empower community leaders with adequate  skills on how to resolve conflict and foster the spirit of Living together

The main facilitator, Shei William Kanjo, highlighted the fact that some community leaders who inherited their stools, do not have relevant skills to resolve conflicts and represent the people in decision making circles

The D.O of Koutaba, Nguimbis Daniel saluted the MBOSCUDA initiative and called for an immediate implementation of the lessons learnt:" these practical lessons learnt should be implemented without delay to help bring peace to warring communities"

cross section of participants 

The Program Coordinator at MBOSCUDA, encouraged more youths and women to get involved in activities of the association for better development, empowerment and gainful leadership

The program is a aimed at enhancing the capacities of Mbororo Community leaders, councillors, women and youth leaders know effective representation in decision making areas

Participants all pledged their wish to see a better society with conflict well managed. MBOSCUDA in the North West Region is working hard to empower those of the West region to become a self sustaining chapter

Ndi Elvis

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