ELECAM Retains Nine for October 7. Is an Opposition Coalition Imminent?

Nine (9) candidates have been retained by Elections Cameroon (ELECAM) to run for the October 7 Presidential Elections in Cameroon.

Files of 18 Candidates were disqualified from running for the country's top job, mostly those who decided to run as Independent Candidates.

The incumbent, Paul Biya of the ruling CPDM Party will be running against some candidates he beat at the 2011 Presidential Elections while six new faces were retained.

Adamu Ndam Njoya is not a new comer into the race since the formation of his party, the Cameroon Democratic Union (CDU) in 1991. Ndam Njoya who served as Minister under the Ahidjo administration has failed in several attempts to pose a serious challenge to Paul Biya. The CDU has had difficulties to rise above his Division of origin.
Ndam Njoya

Another candidate who knows the race is Garga Haman Adji of the Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD). Beaten in 2011 by Paul Biya, the ADD has not risen above the Far North Region since he left Government in 1992 after serving as Public Service Minister for two years. 
Garga Haman

The Elections on October 7 with six new comers, can be one full with plenty of surprise, only compared to what the country witnessed in 1992.

The SDF has invested Joshua Osih to run on behalf of the party. This is the first time since the creation of the SDF that another candidate will run on the party's ticket other than John Fru Ndi.
Joshua Osih

The SDF Presidential candidate has a strong following in the North West where the party was founded, South West, his Region of origin and the Littoral where he is Member of Parliament for Wouri. The perfectly Bilingual Business magnet has vowed to create an upset in this year's race.

Retaining his candidature has simply shut the mouths of those who wanted his candidature rejected because he is of a swiss mum, with Cameroon intolerant to double nationality. Osih now has the chance of doing what Fru Ndi failed to do.

Maurice Kamto of the MRC, A Lawyer of international repute, who helped Cameroon to secure the Bakassi Penisula from Nigeria, means business.

Maurice Kamto
The Lawyer resigned from Government where he served as Minister Delegate to the Minuster of Justice, to form the Cameroon Reniassance Movement, a party that won ONE parliamentary seat in 2013, less than a year after its creation

Maurice Kamto is a political heavy weight and hails from the West Region of Cameroon

Akere Muna stormed the political landscape after an illustrious career as a Lawyer and a son whose father sworn in Paul Biya as Cameroon’s second Head of State will have an uphill task to win the October 7 race.


The name Muna, is a household name in Cameroon but doesn’t inspire hope to an ordinary Cameroonian. Akere, will have to fight against family stigma and explain to his potential voters that he should not be judged by what his father did as an active politician.

Tongues have been wagging as Akere has the law suit against him filed by his sister and former Culture Minister, Ama Tutu Muna over the estate of their father, S.T Muna

He will run on the ticket of the Popular Front for Development, which still to make a mark at the political scene.

Cabaral Libii of the National Union for Integration towards Solidarity (UNIVERS), has been a social media sensation in Cameroon who has openly castigated the policies implemented by the Biya led Government.
Cabaral Libii

The Professor of Law at the University of Yaounde 2 will use his youthfulness to appeal to more Cameroonians. Born on the 29th of March 1980, Cabaral Libii won the “Best Booster of Cameroonian Democracy Award” in 2017

Ndifor Afanwi Franklin is running on the ticket of the Cameroon National Citizen Movement (CNCM) and his decision to run for public office was received with mix feelings with some Cameroonians asking the interest of the Senior Prophet of Kingship Ministries at the top job.
Ndifor Afanwi Franklin

He will be counting on the support of the other churches who have been praying for Cameroon since the Boko Haram insurgency and the Anglophone crisis to give him support and have a man of God at the helm of Cameroon.

Ndifor Frank has a Ministry of close to 5000 Christians and will count much on them to win this race.

Matomba  Serge Espoir of the United People for Social Justice is running for the first time though his party failed to impress at the 2011 Presidential Elections under Esther Dang.
Matomba Serge

Matomba Serge will capitalize on his political experience as councilor of Douala 4, and also his youthfulness can be an asset to him. The 38 year old is a little known politician in an unpopular party.

Paul Biya of the ruling Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement has all it takes to retain the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon.

The incumbent has been Head of State since 1982 and is the second longest African Head of State.
Paul Biya

The CPDM flourishes in all 360 subdivisions of the country and over the years, their National Chairman has been receiving calls to run for another term.

The “Grand National Party” received more than 70% of the votes at the 2011 polls and commands an absolute majority at both houses of Parliament.

                      Can the Opposition Form a Coalition?

Eight Political parties running against Paul Biya apparently is small as compared to 2011 but the percentage scored by the CPDM Candidate is frightening. The CPDM is a religion to most of its supporters who don’t see any other candidate except Paul Biya leading the party and the country.

 It will take the opposition coalition to beat the incumbent in Cameroon. A majority of voters who no longer believe in the Electoral process do not also believe that the nation has a credible opposition that can take over and challenge the current status quo.

Cabaral Libii and Maurice Kamto have hinted that an opposition coalition is possible though that they have not mention who they will invest to run on behalf of the opposition.

Akere Muna has talked quite a lot on the subject and indicated that he can drop his candidacy if he sees a candidate who has a better program that his.

The Leading opposition Party has not openly made a statement about forming an opposition coalition but party militants believe that for a coalition to be formed, other parties should join the SDF.


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