Burnt Administrative Buildings to be reconstructed soon- Atanga Nji

Atanga Nji flanked by NW Governor and General Agha

The Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji has hinted that Administrative Offices burnt down by Pro-secessionist fighters will be reconstructed with the process to begin in the weeks ahead

MINAT Boss visited the Divisional office in Bali which was razed by fire on Monday July 22, 2018 and that of Bafut which was also set ablaze on the 16th August 2018.
Administrative officers and offices have come under attack since the Kidnapping of the D.O of Batibo in the morning of the 11th February 2018

Remains of the D.O's office in Bafut

Paul Atanga Nji also chaired a meeting to evaluate the security concerns of the North West Region ahead of the 2018 Presidential Elections and he called on members of the administration to accompany ELECAM in logistics and security for a peaceful and impartial Elections come October 7.

The Minister saluted the bravery of Defense and Security forces who have kept the integrity of the nation despite calls for secession which have been ongoing for close to two years NOW. He conveyed a Message of congratulations from the Head of State and reechoed the fact that Cameroon is one and indivisible

Minister Atanga Nji sent a message to those who have picked up arms to return like the prodigal son and down their weapons because they don’t stand a chance against the army; “All criminals will be neutralized and secessionist fighters will be handed to the judiciary because Cameroon is a state of law” he added
 “Those who think they can fight the state have the last opportunity to put down their weapons, report to the nearest Administrative or security office and be reintegrated into the Republic.”

The meeting had it that the security situation is under control with some pockets of resistance which will not last for long. Minister Atanga also opined that the region is relatively calm

Cross section of the Administrative and Security Meeting

The North West Region has witnessed kidnappings from unidentified gunmen in recent weeks who demand for ransom before releasing their victims.  The first Deputy Mayor of Ndop Council was kidnapped and later on released on Tuesday August 21, 2018. The President of the court of First Instance and Presiding Magistrate of the High Court in Wum, Headquarters of Menchum Division, Mr Tahle Mukete was kinapped on Wednesday August 22, 2018 at Mile 37 Bafut on his way to Wum

The security challenges of the region are numerous as the days narrow to October 7, 2018

By Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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