“A Common Future” Campaigns to Protect Women Online

The campaign seeks to uphold and respect the rights of women online, particularly on the social media, where various forms of abuses continue to be perpetrated against the girl child and women in general.

Gwain Colbert-CEO A Common Future-Vision Casting with Journalists

Colbert Gwain, CEO of A Common Future explaining the concept to journalists in Bamenda on Tuesday, July 31, in a “vision casting” held in a bus that was used to transport them across Bamenda’s major streets said “we intend to encourage and increase the active participation of women and girls online without harassment”
The project he added “seeks to promote a feminist Internet where wome’s voices are not only heard but respected”
The campaign falls under the canopy of what he terms “Internet Freedom Festival Cameroon” which globally looks for innovative e ways of challenging women’s exclusion from online spaces and bolster their rights to freedom of expression.
Journalists Attending a mobile press conference 

The campaign has identified privacy violations, sexual harassment, stalking, indecent exposure and vulgar images as forms of violation of women’s rights online. The campaign will use film projections, discussions and exchanges by some selected educators in inter-urban transport buses to drive its message across. It also intends to use the upcoming presidential elections campaign to lobby the candidates who have all formulated the use of the social media into their campaign to promise the protection of internet users after the poll.
The vision-casting tour was broadcast live on the internet on the www.bamendaonline.net facebook page, including part of the question and answer session that was part of the event.

By  ZELIO SIFORA C. (UBa Student on internship)

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