Batibo Council Votes Realistic Budget for 2018

Councillors of the Batibo municipality have voted a budget of 623,031,492 Francs for the 2018  financial year, with 56.1% as investment. The budget witnesses a drop from the 2017 council budget that stood at 932,421,767 francs.

Speaking Wednesday, November 22 at the council hall, the mayor of Batibo Council, Tanjoh Friderick told the councilors that the budget is more realistic owing to the difficult times that the council area and the region at large finds itself. The socio-economic and political climate characterised by ghost towns has greatly slowed business activities in the municipality.

The budget presented will however empower the various councillors to carryout projects in the constituencies to the tune of 350,000 francs in a scheme known as "small project big change". The councillors will also mobilise resources from common iniative groups, cultural associations and Non-governmental organisations for the realisation of these projects in Batibo.

The councillors committee reports largely featured on the reallocation of projects earmarked and not executed in 2017 to the 2018 financial year. The council will function without an increase in the taxes currently enforce. This the D.O of Batibo, encourage the council to cause the Guzang Market to go operational twice a week so as to increase the revenue of the council. He also promised to lead a task force to recover taxes from recalcitrant businessmen.

The council session came on the backdrop of the PNDP rating of councils. the Batibo council emerged 6th out of the 34 councils in the region, scoring a total of 33 on 50.
The Mayor promised that the council will continue to grow strong with the effective collaboration of the councillors. 

The council will increase the sizes of roads within the main town, open farm to market roads, construction markets and bridges. The council will also celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2018 while organising the Anong Mount Race and a Holiday Championship.   

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