CAMTEL, CAMWATER Sign Agreement to better service Delivery


Judith Yah Sunday(L), Blaise Moussa(R) signing the agreement 

An agreement has been signed Wednesday June 19, 2024 at the Head Office of CAMTEL in Yaounde between the General Manager of CAMTEL, Judith Yah Sunday, and the General Manager of CAMWATER, Blaise Moussa. 

The signing marks a significant milestone in the journey of Cameroon’s infrastructure development. “This isn't just a signing ceremony, but a symbol of collaboration and progress”, Judith Yah Sunday said.

The Collaboration will expedite the deployment of telecom and water infrastructure which will particularly be beneficial in expanding services to undeserved or remote areas where infrastructure development can be challenging and costly.

CAMWATER and CAMTEL are two pillars of Cameroon’s national infrastructure. They are joining forces today not just to share resources, but to amplify their collective impact, combine expertise to pave the way for faster, more cost-effective deployments of telecom and water services across the nation.

“You know that our cities are expanding geographically and horizontally, our networks are submitted to high constraints, and we don’t have enough means to develop them, that is the aim of our convention which is seeking to optimize our intervention and also mutualize our capacities to be able to produce much more opportunities to the population, Blaise Moussa told journalists at the end of the ceremony.

Representatives from both structures witnessing the singing ceremony 

According to the General Manager of CAMTEL, “infrastructure sharing is becoming a fairly common practice around the world. This agreement signifies a bold step towards innovation, efficiency, and sustainable development”.

“Wherever CAMWATER is already present, we can surf on that infrastructure and vice versa and make sure that we deliver optimal services to customers and the public at large.”

      Benefits of the convention

Beyond CAMTEL’s vision of becoming an innovative corporate citizen at the forefront of digital transformation in sub-Saharan Africa, and with the concession granted to the company for the deployment and operation of an electronic communications transport network that requires them to cover all the councils in the country by 2030, extending its network has become a key priority.

Sharing infrastructure between CAMWATER and CAMTEL presents a compelling opportunity to enhance operational efficiency and achieve mutual benefits for both organizations and the communities they serve. 
The benefits of such a convention are many. In terms of cost efficiency, it reduces duplication of efforts and maximizes the use of existing resources. It promotes environmental sustainability since less construction means less environmental disruption.

 “By minimizing our footprint, we demonstrate our commitment to preserving Cameroon’s natural beauty for future generations” Judith Yah said in her speech during the ceremony.

Through the convention, both companies will enhanced service delivery, and empower communities. Whether it’s delivering clean water or high-speed internet, the partnership ensures that every Cameroonian benefits from dependable services.

Access to reliable water and communication services is not just about infrastructure; it’s about empowering communities. It enables education, healthcare, entrepreneurship, and social connectivity, paving the way for a brighter future.

Culled from News upfront 

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