Hundreds pay tribute as Mama Anna Goh Mbunkur begins journey to interment

Mourners consoling Captain Chuyeh Mbunkur

Hundreds of mourners from far and near have paid hommage to the mother of Captain Chuyeh Mbunkur.

The hommage ceremony was paid at the Club PAD in Bonanjo Douala as the late mother of the Captain started her journey to eternity, Friday 20th April 2024.

The family joined by close friends and the Director General of the Douala ports authority, answered present to pay their last respect to Mama Anna Goh Mbunkur.

A cross section of Wimbum women in Douala 

Described by many as a woman who inculcated sound moral values to the society. Her demise at the age of 94 conforms to the biblical verse of Psalms 90 vs 10; "70 years is all we got and 80 if we are strong.." the demise of Mama Anna conforms to her strong personality and discipline that she brought to her family and society.

The late Mama Anna Goh Mbunkur served her community as a midwife, who served the Franciscan sisters before her retirement.

Mourners testified that she welcomed all and sundry and never discriminated against any child who came her way.

College of pastors and priests 

Her exemplary lifestyle, dedication was exhorted by a college of Reverend Fathers and pastors during her wake service.

Emergency Choir of Douala

The wake keep and life celebration of the mother, wife , Aunt, mother-in-law, sisters and friends, also witnessed some traditional dances and some songs sang by artists to pay tributes for Mama Anna Goh Mbunkur.

Traditional dances

She will be buried in her native Nkambe on Friday April 26th.


Jato Richard 

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