FENASCO Closing Ceremony; Main Sponsor, CAMTEL, pledges more support to youth initiatives

CAMTEL at the heart of the finals of the the FENASCO A Games 

One week ago, secondary schools students and their teachers from the 10 regions of the country converged on the Ngueme stadium, Mokundange in Limbe for the official kick off of this year's FENASCO League A Games organized by the ministry of secondary Education. For one week, these young people engaged themselves in varied sports disciplines, most notably, football.
During this closing ceremony at the Centunary Stadium, minister of secondary Education once more expressed her satisfaction to various delegations for adequately representing their regions and in a master show fair play throughout the games. More than 50 awards were then distributed in various disciplines and to others for their active roles in accommodating the crowd for a week in Limbe. The minister didn't miss out the noticeable commitment of the event's main sponsor, Cameroon Telecom leader, CAMTEL.
CAMTEL had been at the center of the organization with it's "blue" signalling on backdrops, stands and T-shirts of hostesses. The vital role of the company greatly acknowledged and appreciated.

When the Press talked to 
Georges Essama of CAMTEL’s Marketing Department, he expressed their  satisfaction in participating in the games through its partnership with the Ministry of Secondary Education. He noted that, supporting sports and educational initiatives aligns with CAMTEL’s core values. "We are delighted to have supported young people from across the country in their participation and competition. Our involvement encompassed several aspects. Firstly, we provided fixed and mobile internet services throughout the competition. As the leading internet service provider in Cameroon, we ensured broadband internet access for all participants. Additionally, we sponsored several major prizes", Essama stated.

Minister Nalova Lyonga closing the games

Present at this closing ceremony were the Ministers of Secondary Education, that of public Service and administrative Reforms, Youth and physical Education, the Governor of the South West Region and his entire team.

Most pleased person was Minister Joseph Le of administrative Reforms, a native from Abong Mbang in the East Region of Cameroon.
The subdivision will play host to the games next year, that will be the 25th edition

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