Ex Students of GHS Kwang map strategies for school re-opening, supports IDPS

President of Kwang Ex-students association 

The ex-students of Government High School (GHS) Kwang, located in Pinyin of the Santa Sub-Division in Cameroon's North West Region, recently held their 3rd annual general assembly. The three-day event, which took place from April 19-21, 2023 at the Ayaba Hotel conference hall, was held under the theme "Convening all ex-students of GHS Kwang for an inclusive dialogue in collective growth, social cohesion and the future of our alma mater."

The main objectives of the Kwang Ex-Students Association (KWAXSA) are:
1. To unite all Kwang ex-students through a collective sense of belonging and purpose.
2. To foster growth and continuity under the distinguished leadership of "game changers" within the organization.

In his address, the Director-General of KWAXSA, Rev. Mekom Samuel Telah, called on the youth, parents, and ex-students of GHS Kwang to collaborate and ensure the resumption of schooling in the upcoming 2024/2025 academic year. To make this a reality, KWAXSA plans to establish a scholarship scheme that will encourage student enrollment at the institution.

At the event, Mme Ndum Charlot Ayeah, the Vice President of the Cameroon National Youth Council for the North West, urged the association to promote peace, encourage the Kwang community to embrace national unity, and most importantly, to register to vote in the upcoming 2025 presidential elections, so that they can exercise their civic rights.

KWAXSA Supports Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and Promotes Entrepreneurship

As part of their charitable initiatives, KWAXSA hired experts in entrepreneurship to provide training for internally displaced persons (IDPs) who have been affected by the ongoing Anglophone crisis in Cameroon's North West and South West regions. The training aimed to equip the IDPs with the knowledge and skills to start their own businesses, using a minimum capital of 5,000 CFA francs.

Bamenda City Mayor supporting IDPs

Additionally, KWAXSA showcased their philanthropic efforts by donating basic food items, such as bags of rice, cooking oil, and seasoning cubes, to the IDPs. However, the turnout of IDPs exceeded the association's initial estimates, leading to a shortfall in the donations. To address this, the Bamenda City Mayor, Paul Achobong, stepped in and provided an additional 1 million CFA francs, bringing the total donation to 3 million CFA francs, which was able to support all the IDPs present.

Wotoh Faith, Beneficiary 

One of the IDP beneficiaries, Wotoh Faith, expressed her gratitude to KWAXSA for not only providing the much-needed food items but also for the entrepreneurship training, which she believes will help her and her family start their own sustainable business venture.

The Kwang Ex-Students Association's 3rd General Assembly has demonstrated the association's commitment to uniting its members, supporting the community, and ensuring the continue growth and development of their alma mater, GHS Kwang, in the face of the ongoing challenges faced by the region.


Munya Charles Babila

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