Bafut Manjong Japan Provides Major Boost to Local Healthcare

Consultation begins with new medical equipment

 Surgical Gloves donates by the Bafut council

Bafut, Cameroon - In a significant display of diaspora engagement, the Bafut Manjong ( A cultural and development association) Japan has donated vital medical equipment and a solar power system worth 6 million CFA francs to the Bafut District Hospital. This generous contribution from Bafut citizens residing in Japan promises to dramatically improve healthcare services for the over 180,000 inhabitants that make up the total population of Bafut.

The donated medical supplies include a complete surgical set, sterilizing drums for proper instrument sanitation, a privacy screen to provide dignity to patients in the general ward, a new wheelchair, stretcher and biochemistry machine - filling key gaps that have constrained the hospital's operations. These additions will allow an expansion of services and smooth patient transportation between units.

Demarcation material for patients at the General ward

Perhaps the most impactful component is the 5 kilowatt solar photovoltaic system valued at 3 million CFA francs. This renewable energy solution will reliably power the entire hospital facilities round the clock, finally overcoming the frequent and prolonged power outages that have plagued the institution and compromised care in the past.

Dr. Njinwi Adrian Adeson of the Bafut District Hospital, was overjoyed to receive the donations, expressing profound gratitude for the philanthropic spirit of the Bafut diaspora members in Japan. "Their generosity in giving back to the community they came from, despite being so far away, is truly humbling," he stated.

Engineer who constructed the solar panel

Wheel chairs donated to the hospital in Manji

The ceremony to handover the items of Bafut Manjong Japan took place at the Bafut Development Majong hall, where the gifts were received by Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence, Mayor of Bafut Council, The Divisional officer for Bafut, Fokou Andelys, His Royal Majesty Fon Abumbi II, paramount ruler of Bafut and the Bafut District Hospital Director's representative Dr. Njinwi Adrian Adeson

Addressing the gathering, Mayor Ngwakongoh highlighted the vital role of such support from Bafut sons and daughters abroad. "The government gave us the physical hospital structure like 'just a container', but it is now our collective duty as a community to equip and fill that container with the necessary contents to make it truly functional for our people."

In the same light, Mayor Ngwakongoh explained the use of the Biochemistry machine donated to the district hospital which many might be hearing for the very first time."A biochemistry machine is that machine that is used to dictate metabolites present in blood or urine. After this the data of these metabolites are analyzed to diagnose various disease" he said.

This will greatly limit the movement of the inhabitance or the sick population to and from distance hospitals to seek for appropriate medical care or laboratory diagnosis.

Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence decorated as Development Warrior by Fon Abumbi II

In recognition of their remarkable efforts, Fon Abumbi II honored the unavoidably absent District hospital Director Dr. Ndifor Ignatius Nde and in a very significant way the Fon bestowed the esteemed title of "Development Warrior" upon Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence for his unwavering pursuit of progress in Bafut. The Fon further made an open promise to plan a visit to Japan where he would personally decorate the leaders of Bafut Development Manjong Japan for their resilience and selfless commitment to uplifting their homeland community from abroad.

The event took on an agricultural dimension as well, with Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence distributing improved maize seeds to farmers in attendance, calling on them to actively engage in cultivation as the planting season commences. This underscored the multifaceted approach to local development being championed by the Bafut community at large.

As the Bafut District Hospital staff eagerly awaits the installation and operationalization of the new medical equipment and solar system, the impact of this donation is already being hailed as a catalyst for enhanced healthcare access that will save lives and ease burdens on the local population who previously had to travel long distances for health care.

The gestures of the Bafut diaspora in Japan exemplify how strong community ties can transcend to drive positive grassroots change.


Munya Charles Babila

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