To Increase Cassava production in Tubah, Mayor Tanjong Martin donates improved cassava cuttings to farmers

Mayor Tanjong Martin talking to the press on the need to increase cassava cultivation

Over 200,000 improved  cassava cuttings have been donated to farmers within the Tubah municipality.

The donation exercise that took place on the 22nd March 2024 in Bambili, saw over 71 farmers and farming groups benefit from the cassava cuttings.

Designed to yield better and in his quest to make Tubah a major exporter of cassava in the nearest future, the Mayor of Tubah Council, Tanjong Martin said this is the pilot phase and if the yields from the farm are satisfactory, he will open a cassava mill in the Municipality.

"These are high yields cassava cuttings. Before now, it was mainly Kedjom Keku and Kedjom Ketinguh that were producing cassava in large quantities. Our drive is to ensure that every village in Tubah is producing cassava. Of course you know what cassava is used for. With the war in Ukraine, it is evident that we can transform this cassava into flour and use it for baking." Mayor Tanjong told The Observer.

Mbute Matthew who recommended the improved cassava cuttings 

Mbute Matthew, a farmer who recommended the TME419 breed of the cassava cuttings said the farmers have been properly drilled on how to properly plant and nurture the cutting to have high yields.

"The first thing we detest is the use of fertilizer. If they must use something, they should go for compose manure. When the plant grows to one metre, the leaves should be proned so that the crop settles in very well. Again, for the farmers to really enjoy their harvest, they should allow the cassava in the farm for a period of one year." 

In other areas that have higher temperatures, the agricultural expert says the cassava will require just a period of nine months.

Ningcho Ephraim, farmer

To select the beneficiaries, a public call was made. One of the beneficiaries, Ningcho Ephraim and focal point for MINADER (Ministry of Agriculture), in Kedjom Keku was visibly satisfied.

"The improved breed of cassava will go a long way to help the farmers because they themselves don't have this breed. This will also help us to extend our farms." Ningcho said.

The collective plea from the beneficiaries is for the Mayor to donate other improved seeds to them as the next farming season is in gestation.

They also pleaded with assistance from the council to hire labour since some villages have been deserted and the work force drastically reduced due to the ongoing crisis.

The resolve of the Tubah council according to Mayor Tanjong is to see how well the farmers can use these inputs. Inputs he says will improve in the calming years.

The farmers have been called upon to plant the cassava cuttings, one metre apart.


Tamah Collins

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